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Springboard Jump Up

by Chinmoy Sarkar

Format: Paperback

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A book is a great source of education and value as it opens up a whole new world in front of the readers.

Individually, this book allows the readers to think and feel differently. It helps them to slip into the depths of life to extract new experiences. Some can taste the book as a step by step movement into the domain of happiness. Others can look at it like a stranger who is guiding them throughan exhilarating journey of the heart towards happiness.

This book uses various filters to portray the various stages of the journey towards happiness. The readers should keep in mind that they should align themselves with their own thoughts and feelings in order to receive the wisdom this book holds.

Life is always wonderful and if you don’t observe carefully, you will not be able to capture the beauty of life. You have to stir yourself vigorously to become innovative in the journey of life; it requires dedicated passion to adapt to the flow for deeper comprehension of the timeless nature of human power.

Dr. Chinmoy Sarkar has been a management consultant and trainer for over three decades with large business organisations. He holds a doctorate in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He transitioned to the realm of university education and human research. He has continuously leveraged on his extensive experience to build something new in the academic space. He has been conferred with the rare distinction of ‘Eminent Alumnus’ by IIT Kharagpur for his work on the human transformation model AXELL. His model is a step by step transformational tool which at an individual level can help one to develop capabilities towards the fullest potential. The idea behind writing this book is to make the readers understand about the depth and beauty of life. The author has used his own life experiences to make the readers realise that the journey towards finding happiness can be a pleasant and adventurous ride.

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