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Stories to a Restless Billionaire

Author Name: Sukhvinder Singh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

This book is about a person named William Bill, who wants to be the richest man in the world. After gaining all the wealth, he now intends to become the most powerful and influential person on Earth. Bill is plagued with avarice and thirst for power and ignores his health. Unfortunately, he develops a malignant tumour in his brain. As per the prognosis he hardly has one year to live. Confronted with this bad news, Bill becomes totally exasperated. He loses all his enthusiasm. All for which Bill was so passionate, becomes purposeless, in a trice. Bill is addled and confused. He is now inundated with a lot of questions regarding his existence, the purpose of creation, about life which seemed to have passed within a blink of an eye, so worthlessly and is vexed about the impending pains and sufferings. He recalls one of his former CEO, Steve, who is also his best friend, quite enlightened, wise and candour. On Bill's request, Steve agrees to enlighten Bill and answer all his questions. This book covers all the scintillating conversation between Bill and Steve, with invigorating stories, real life examples and parables. Bill is not an easy guy, who is going to get pleased with some fairy tales, and hence Steve is confronted with some formidable questions. Moreover, Bill who is quite fastidious, expects all the answers to be given precisely, with clarity and brevity. The most remarkable part is, what happens to Bill in the end. Hence the entire conversation between Steve and Bill becomes livelier and more interesting.

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Sukhvinder Singh

Sukhvinder Singh, is an author of his best-selling book, “Seven Qualities to be Wealthy for Seven Generations.” He is a spiritual and a motivational speaker and known for his creative and scintillating stories. Life, which is fragile, precarious, and mysterious, hence the philosophy about life is sometimes quite esoteric, however the invigorating stories, make it interesting and helpful to understand the basic concepts of life, easily.  

Sukhvinder Singh expresses all his philosophies with the help of examples, real life experiences and coruscating parables. It is the endeavor of the author to express most of the complicated philosophies in the simplest way. As if a person is talking to his friend, not to please or to impress him, but to share all those important facts of life, candidly, from heart to heart. 

Money Is important in Life.

Time is more important than money

If thoughts are not sensible,

Time and money both will be wasted.

Think twice & Think wise. 

                              ~ Sukhvinder Singh



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