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Story of Bengal and Bengalis: Ancient to Contemporary Era of Bangladesh & West Bengal Genesis of Hindu-Muslim Discord

Author Name: Subir | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Which is more meaningful for us to know: how we LOST our independence or how we WON it? Undoubtedly, the answer to the first question has priority. We must learn how only a handful of British could subjugate and rule zillions of us for nearly 200 years! This information will help us in taking care of the mistakes committed by our ancestors. It will also prepare us to meet similar challenges in future. Yet, our textbooks don’t enlighten our students much on the subject. Also, there are very few publications on this topic. Why?

Since British rule started with their victory at the Battle of Plassey in Bengal, this story is based on that background. It uncovers some obscured chapters of our past, which are crucial for us to know.  

Notwithstanding its Bengali antecedents, the storyline has a direct bearing on the historical criminality of entire Indian subcontinent. There are many unaddressed questions about socio-political history. Who had started the Hindu-Muslim discord, and how? Why, following partition, the displaced people from Pakistan received different treatments in different regions in India? For the book lovers in general and history buffs in particular, many such thought-provoking issues are there in this book.


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When a Science Graduate with thirty-five-plus years of Bank service to his credit takes a plunge into the literary world at the age of over seventy after equipping himself with a couple of years of meticulous research and unbridled passion, its end-result is bound to be as amazing as this book. Subir has shaped the story mostly by compiling texts written by several experts and research scholars on some particular facet of our history at a given time. It is necessarily an assortment of information put together by Subir, blending several themes with his own words, to recreate a holistic story of Bengal starting from the ancient period to the contemporary days, peppered with some intriguing political as well as socio-religious issues.

The story as narrated by Subir reflects a scientific approach with clear understanding, the sensitivity towards humanity in the entire storytelling, and a pragmatic attitude in assessing the cost-benefit analysis at the end of the day.  He is confident that the informed readers will be objective in evaluating the story in the backdrop of what is documented in the book, and draw a comparison between the historical realities and what we are being told or taught so far.