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Study Material of C Programming Version 1.45

by Biswajoy Brahmachari

Format: Paperback

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Among computer programming languages, C is among the most practiced ones today. It not only provides a platform for numerical programming, being an application at a high level of programming languages, but it is also useful for lower level programming applications such as efficient hardware management, development of operating systems and writing of systems software.

The purpose of a study material, is to compile a coherent collection keeping in mind what a student may need and ensure that it complements the requirements of their syllabus, and provides valuable help for the preparation of project reports and aid the preparation of examinations.

Dr. Biswajoy Brahmachari has nearly a decade of valuable experience in teaching C programming undergraduate honour students. He learnt the art of drawing flow charts for computer programs when he was a Post-M.Sc associate at the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, during 1989-90. He has been appointed by the University of Calcutta as an examiner of the paper on computer programming for B.Sc courses on several occasions from 2009 onwards.



Study Material of C Programming





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