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Swamp-Eye The Planet of Adventures

Author Name: Arth Karna | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

Michael, a 12 year-old boy from New York is whisked away by aliens from planet Swamp-Eye in the distant galaxy of Astrada. He unwittingly finds himself helping out in a plan hatched by the citizens of Swamp-Eye to get rid of their evil king Swankarank Bad-Eye. 

King Swankarank Bad-Eye is tricked into leaving Swamp-Eye to relocate at planet Virompeg in galaxy Petromeda.

The most evil and powerful villain of the universe, Kang-Rome from planet H230-T in galaxy Zymp attacks Virompeg in order to set up his own base there. 

Michael again finds himself being part of a daring plan to save King Swankarank Bad-Eye and the citizens of Virompeg from the evil designs of Kang-Rome.

Will Michael and his heroics be enough to defeat the mighty Kang-Rome? Will peace return to Swamp-Eye and Virompeg? Will Michael make it back home safely?

Read this book to travel to far off galaxies and come to witness the magical power of The Rio Power Brick created by the Space God Rio!!

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Arth Karna

Arth Karna is an energetic and inquisitive 10-year-old from New Delhi, India. His world revolves around Robotics, football and Avengers (no surprise there)!  

He has a fascination for the French language and is keen to get to learn the language in-depth. He dreams of traveling to Paris not only to see the many museums, art galleries and tourist attractions of the city, but to conduct a lively dialogue with the citizens of Paris!

Math is another subject that he loves. It is “mysterious”, he says!!

He is an absolute fan of Lego toys and loves building Lego-based robots for which he has been training at an excellent robotics academy in New Delhi.

The “beautiful” game of football appeals deeply to him for its interplay of speed, skill and raw power.

Watching and following the Avengers has fired up his imagination and he constantly thinks and talks about time travel, inter-galactic battles and quantum energy teleportation!