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Tales of the Zeliangrong Naga

Author Name: Lansingliu Rose Pamei | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details
Amazon Sales Rank: Ranked #3 in Mythology & Folklore

A python becomes a man to marry a girl; a boy becomes a hornbill to escape his step-mother; the animals gather at a house-warming party; the earth starts to rotate on its axis because of the efforts of the earthworm to bite its tail.
Welcome to the magic world of Niumadian, Aneuwang, Anguma, Ahmang and other heroes, heroines, vampires and witches, gods and demons. Find out how that dog got on to the moon, why rabbit bums are so fatty, why the robin is so small ….
Read about the ancient beliefs and superstitions of the Zeliangongs, their customary laws and practices, their traditions of marriage and social life, their work and their pleasure, their sense of beauty and of justice, their daily activities of hunting, fishing and agriculture.
Stories of love and hate, wealth and poverty, power and humiliation, pain and pleasure, jealousies and licentiousness, cruelty and vengeance – the gamut of all emotions a human being may experience in a lifetime are all a part of it.
Perhaps it is difficult to believe that all this and much more can be found a collection of 24 “Tales of the Zeliangrong Naga.” This particular volume gives you that and more.
Better not miss it if you are a Zeliangrong. If you are not, all the more reason to read it. You wouldn’t then be surprised the next time you see snakes with ear-rings, men with the features of a tiger, or even when a marriage proposal to you from an elf, an imp, a tiger, a python or – why not – a god or a goddess.


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Lansingliu Rose Pamei

Rose Pamei completed her MSW from New Delhi and was associated with UNHCR’s program for Refugees at the capital city prior to shifting to the IT sector. She had also co-authored a series of value education books, “Living by Values” for school children in 2003. Despite extensive traveling and being away from her folks, she would always be keen on staying rooted. “Tales of the Zeliangrong Naga” is compiled and annotated with an effort to conserve the rich tradition among today’s generation – young and old alike