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Tana Bana The World of Sarees

Author Name: Sowmya Reddy Shamanna | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Design | Other Details

The saree represents the vital spirit of India – the cultural heritage and the history; the variety and the uniqueness; the weaving of warp and weft to create a strong, resilient fabric. It represents a unique common identity, which subsumes the incredible melange of designs and motifs, displaying the magic of being a seamless length of social fabric that takes on the individual character of its wearer. A creation that has a thousand-year history that has endeavoured significant changes over time and still relates to every woman with an echoing name called SAREE

Tana Bana unveils the world of sarees that is expressed by the artisans and weavers displaying their wondrous skills through traditional and ingenious sarees of the different regions of India – the stunning kanjeevarams; the intricate ikats; the rustling ornate banarasis; the vibrant bandhanis; the precious patolas and many more. Every saree is an unspoken representation of the place and people who wove the masterpiece, the dyes and the motifs, aesthetics and distinctiveness that is exclusive to each of them.

Come unravel the timeless journey of sarees and celebrate its elegance, beauty and strength.

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Sowmya Reddy Shamanna

Sowmya Reddy Shamanna, the author is a saree aficionado. She inhabits the saree, believes in celebrating and enrooting it with meaning and purpose. Sowmya grew up in South India, providentially has travelled the world and now lives in Dreieich, Germany.

This book is her endeavour to acquaint the readers to different sarees and to guide them to reimagine the saree with all its glory of beauty, versatility and strength.



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