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Tarot Explains the Journey of every soul

by Priti Wonder

Format: Paperback

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This book is an easy to follow Tarot guide, it will be informative for both a beginner and an advanced Tarot reader. There is something worth for everyone in this book. People who are not into Tarot reading interest can also read this book as it helps to know the 'journey of every soul' which almost is essential for every human to know. If every soul knows what are the ups and downs that commonly occur for every human being and why they occur, most of the suffering on this planet will seize to exist.

Priti Wonder has been reading Tarot since 2005, and has provided insights for better life for people all around the world. An IT engineer turned into a successful Tarot Reader, she is totally satisfied and loves her profession. She is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, empath and an intuitive; who now proudly accepts possessing these abilities. Along with this she constantly practices connecting to Angels and ascended masters to get better results with her readings.

She is a Member of American Tarot Association, a Certified Angel Card Reader, a Past Life Regression Therapist and a 'Life' Trained Life Coach. She believes in giving wholesome solutions combining her knowledge of Tarot, Angels and theory of past lives and blends these into personalized Life coaching programs. Being a Kundalini awakened person she believes in making people independent by giving them self-improvement solutions.

She provides online Tarot readings as well as Tarot Reading & Angel Reading Courses and several other courses on self and life improvement through her site www.tarot-angel-reading.com and www.nirvana-now.in



Tarot Explains the Journey of every soul



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