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Teenage life The components of teenage life

Author Name: Trisanjit Mondal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Philosophy | Other Details

A teen's life is a roller coaster of ups and downs. Your teenager may start dating and driving. They'll look at colleges and maybe even get their first job. But many teens also have to deal with peer pressure, overloaded schedules, and, of course, puberty—when their bodies and moods seem to change by the minute. There are various things that matter during these days . In this I tried to mention the problems, the cause , effect, and mainly the solution. Hope it will help you . Thank you.
During study we have to face lots of things we need to understand the facts .

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Trisanjit Mondal

 Trisanjit Mondal . Born in in small town panihati , sodepur, in the stat of culture and heritage west Bengal e. currently he is pursuing with science in class 11. A 18 years old young author with courage of giving impact on society.From that source, the house was filled with pages after pages, from there today canvas, walls and many other things. Art is a pursuit for him. Expressing those feelings about love, social thought, politics, is his passion. However, the love of painting has given space to people too much. Got space in some newspapers along with several social media pages. Receiving various awards has increased his enthusiasm towards painting.Apart from this, he has infinite love for reasoning, cricket, film acting, traveling.The urge to be an artist seems to have brought him this far. Also he step up in the career of writing, becoming an author .Hope it will be loved by all.