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The Book of My Life

by Abhishek Vincent

Format: Paperback

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Abhishek is returning back from a pilgrimage, when he stumbles upon Aevin’s diary. Curiosity urges him to read on, and he discovers a poignant tale of a young man in search for love.

A middle school crush turns sour. A high school exchange waltzes out of his life. But a whirlwind romance brews in college, and it feels like the future has arrived. But a turn in the road snatches the happiness out of his hand as the most unlikeliest of events unfolds.

Aevin has given upon love, but love hasn’t given upon him. Does he ride the tide when love comes knocking for the fourth time?

Abhishek Vincent was born and brought up in Dahod, a small town in Gujarat, India. Right now he is residing in Ahmedabad, India. By profession he is an educator. Reading and writing are his hobbies. He loves to spend time with his family. He likes playing basketball and travelling. “The Book of My Life” is his debut book. This book is amalgamation of his imaginations and few incidents which took place in his life.



The Book of My Life





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