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The Bubble That Burst Sometimes Its Not All about Love…

by Sanjeet Kumar Gupta

Format: Paperback

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“Sanjuuu…!” The girl cooed. “Your wife will be the luckiest woman in the world…”

Which boy would not be delighted to hear these words from the girl he adores?

Sanjeet and Megha are classmates in school. They are both good students and eager to have good academic careers. But this does not come in the way of their becoming romantically aware of each other…

Their mutual attraction meanders through the ups and downs of board exams, entrance coaching, admissions, et al – the usual lot of the average Indian teenager.

What does fate hold in store for them? Will they acquit themselves well in this test of life?

A story of love, but with a difference…

Sanjeet Kumar Gupta is a final year Electrical and Electronics Engineering student, currently settled in Bangalore. Besides having good practical knowledge in his field, he has a passion for writing. This is his debut novel. A gregarious person, he likes to play pool, badminton and make new friends. He is fond of music and travelling too. He loves to work as a motivational speaker. He also strives to act as an impetus to encourage people around him to look positively at all that life has to offer. You can contact him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sanjeetkumar.gupta.79 and also write to him at thebubblethatburst2016@gmail.com Twitter Id: @sanjeetgupta79 Instagram: sanjeetgupta.me


The Bubble That Burst





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