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The Case of the Vicious Vampires

Author Name: Ketaki Karnik | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Sarla – my mentor, my guardian angel, my idol – had just attempted to murder me.

The Crime Busters’ League – 14-year-old mystery and science obsessed Kavya, Ms. Sensible Raima, gaming fanatic Varun and Shakespeare Sid, aided by Anna (Kavya’s older cousin) – confront their most treacherous mystery yet.

Accused of stealing a vaccine worth $2 billion, the gang must not only prove their innocence but also recover the stolen vaccine in time to save Sid’s father’s life.

Kidnapped by blood-thirsty torture-happy vampire-disguised villains. Assaulted by a dragon-tattooed gangster. Puppeted by a deadly master criminal.

Stolen Nizam jewels. A mathematical formula to win at Black Jack. Professors mired in debt. Researchers disappearing for suspiciously long periods of time.

No one and nothing is as it appears.

Finally, a meticulous murderer, who sets up an elaborate fail-safe death chamber with two ways to kill the Crime Busters’ League. Will the gang succeed in unravelling the mystery in time? But, first, can they escape certain death?

Sharpen your wits and marshal all your courage as you dive into danger, battle shadowy criminals and fight for survival.

Paperback 225

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Ketaki Karnik

Ketaki Karnik is the author of The Case of the Chinese Mastermind, the first adventure of the Crime Busters’ League.

Armed with a MBA, Ketaki roller-coastered through management consultancies and corporates. Through all this, her only lifeline to sanity has been concocting the next Crime Busters’ mystery. In addition to being a mystery fiction junkie, Ketaki is a movie buff who loves the guitar, chocolates and anything sci-fi.

Join Ketaki’s gang of mystery addicts to share your real (or imagined) sinister plots on the Crime Busters’ League facebook page.



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