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The Challenges of English Second Language Teachers and Learners Focus on Linguistic Aspects of English Language

Author Name: G. Indira | Format: Paperback | Genre : Language Studies | Other Details

No wonder, there are so many books in the market and free downloads on the websites on English Second Language Teaching (ESLT)! Yet, I felt like writing this book. Why? Because I myself had my primary and secondary education in regional medium- State Govt. run schools, obviously, with English as Second Language, hence personally experiencing English language learning difficulties. As fate would have it, after being a mother and homemaker for a lengthy period, got selected in A.P. Residential schools to teach English for middle and high schoolchildren. 

Then started my travail and quest…why in government schools pupils feel English a big hurdle…a hard nut to crack in exams? Apart from that, my lacunae i.e., inadequate skills in ELT, led to pursue several courses in EFLU, Hyderabad, including M.Phil. in English, while in service.

The result of my quest, practice in teaching and enquiry led to writing this book. A comprehensive one…a linguistic compendium for English teachers…an all-encompassing English paradigm for the general public. All in all, a schoolteacher’s voice.

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G. Indira

Ms G. Indira (aka K. Indira) lives in Hyderabad. Now retired from Telangana Govt. Residential Schools, but when in service she found the teaching profession, not merely a job to do, but to dig out and reason out English Second Language (ESL) subject difficulties to schoolchildren. Ms Indira has an inquisitive mind and critical observation. In her relentless quest, she updated herself, although being in service, doing English courses like: PGCTE, PGDTE and M.Phil. from EFLU, Hyderabad, besides her M.A. in English literature and M.Ed.
As matter of habit, Indira diary-recorded the difficulties that students posed in ESL. She discusses them in one of the chapters of this book. While on deputation (2009-2014) to SCERT, Hyderabad, Ms Indira happen to work in the textbook-department and was also the author of textbook lessons for primary and high school classes of Telangana Govt. English textbooks. In addition to, she gave live-presentations of English lessons through SAPNET MANA T.V.

This book helps English teachers in gaining background knowledge of Linguistics to teach English language. The book provides discussions on English introduction, English medium of instruction, bilingualism and multilingualism in English classrooms and also the latest trends on ELT from across the world.