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The Core Of English Syntax

Author Name: A. Lafsar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

What is Syntax?

Syntax is a form of grammar.  It is concerned primarily with word order in a sentence and with the agreement of words when they are used together. So it is, in a sense, acting as a kind of ‘police officer’ for the way in which sentences are constructed. English is a language that has a structure known as SVO.  That is subject, verb and object.  Kamala  (subject) washes (verb) her hands (object).  This is the correct word order and also there is an agreement between the words.This guide is simplified and shortened. It is precise and very effective; furthermore, is full of examples, quizzes, and exercises that intended to be instructional as well as testing devices.It is true that syntax can take some time to master, but, once you understand its principles and can apply it without too much effort, then it really is worth the effort, since it will greatly improve your written English. This guide is for advanced readers.

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A. Lafsar

A. Lafsar was born on 30/06/1955,in Safi, city of Morocco. Volunteered in England in York at the Retreat , home and hospital for mentally ill people for men and women. He was back in Morocco in 1994. Now he lives in Safi. His first book (The Brief English Grammar Book) had just been published in the year,2020, with Lambert Academic Publishing. And his second book Life of an orphan has been published by JustFiction Edition in this year.