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The Day I Lost A Founder's Journey through Events and Life

Author Name: Roque Quadros | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Step into the shoes of an entrepreneur as he takes you down his journey from the bustling streets of Mumbai to the futuristic landscapes of Dubai, working various jobs until he ventured into uncharted territory: event management. 

‘The Day I Lost’ leads up to a day early on in the author’s career where he lost a substantial amount of money in a single event. But from this fall, he learns and rises, transforming his setback into a stepping stone. From rock bottom to orchestrating a staggering 400 events annually, his journey is proof that every setback is an opportunity to rise again. 

Between these pages, the author lays bare the crucial moments in his career, unveiling his strategies to conquer life’s obstacles. With themes like ‘Dream to Action’, ‘Time Management’ and ‘Think Like a Traffic Signal’, he imparts practical insights and actionable advice. Discover how his pursuit of success can inspire you to navigate your own challenges and emerge stronger than ever.

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Roque Quadros

Everything starts with a dream. It does not cost to dream. Roque Quadros, also known as Rocky, is a visionary entrepreneur, founder, director and martial artist with a strong connection to Goa, India. He grew up in Bombay (Now Mumbai) and from a young age; he believed in the power of actions to shape destinies. For Rocky, knowledge was not enough; it had to be applied in practice to achieve personal growth and development. He has always been passionate about learning, and he embraced everything with enthusiasm and dedication. 

Throughout his life, Rocky has been driven by the pursuit of happiness and fulfilment. He never settled for anything that didn’t bring him pure joy and sought opportunities aligned with his passions and interests. His journey has taken him from being an air conditioning technician to creating his own travel agency, and later exploring the field of event management and entertainment, where he became a pioneer in providing event management solutions. He managed thousands of international events and built an extensive network of bands and artists in the entertainment industry. 

A significant turning point in Rocky’s life came when he reflected on his goals and priorities. He made a conscious decision to prioritise his well-being and health over accumulating wealth. This decision is one he takes great pride in, as he believes that good health is the true wealth that forms the foundation for a fulfilling life.

After moving back to India, Rocky pursued his dream of opening a martial arts academy and discovered his passion for teaching martial arts. He is focused on planning and establishing a medical tourism venture in Goa to help patients plan their treatments.