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The Days of a Small Brook and Other Poems A Book of Dithyrambs, Lyrics and Elegies

Author Name: Seenu Ramasamy | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Like the songs of the ocean kept in a shell, 

certain atavastic memories keep haunting us.

Like the lump in the throat they are painful,

Neither swallowed nor spat out… until we meet the right poet.

The award winning film-maker and Tamil poet Seenu Ramasamy dwells unhindered through joys and sorrows, hopes and doubts, the bunds of villages and the tinsel town as well, to sing of them with dithyrambic ecstasy.

Seenu Ramasamy, like a lark mindless of being heard or not, just sings his heart out, unpremeditated.

Here in The Days of a Small Brook and Other Poems, the readers are taken in to the lives of people from reality, rural and urban as well. The Tamarind trees and snakes, frenzied mothers and film artists, love and betrayals, gods and animals, mountains and grandparents all come alive in his inimitable poetic diction.

Here is Indian Poetry for readers next door and those across the oceans as well.

N. Elango, has successfully sustained the native flair of Seenu Ramasamy’s Tamil poems, in this English translation.

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Seenu Ramasamy

Award-Winning Filmmaker and Poet Seenu Ramasamy creates such a rapport that he can lucidly communicate the most intricate feelings and responses he wants to share, whether it is from his life or his understanding of life in general.

Choosing the poetic idiom directly from the native soil, Seenu Ramasamy's poems give us the mystic feel of listening to a ritualist folk song sung with dithyrambic ecstasy. The uncompromising honesty the poet sustains in his writing is unwaveringly humane that it takes the readers to see themselves in his poetic experience.

As he is hailed in the world of cinema as ‘People’s Director', a title rightfully conferred upon him by Madura College, Madurai during its 125th anniversary celebrations, his poetry makes us call him 'People's Poet'.

As an internationally acclaimed winner of National Award for the Best Tamil film with his second film Thenmaerku -Paruva-k-kaarru ('Southwest Monsoon'), his poetry also revolves around people who survive by their sheer elan vital. It is no wonder that his latest film Maamanithan (Great Man-2022), lauded as a classic all over the world, also talks about the raw life force which makes a common man a hero. His love for classical Tamil Sangam poetry makes him write with ecological sensibility. Both his movies and poetry are authentic documents of Indian life.

Born in 1973 in Madurai as the first child for Mr. Ramakrishnan and Mrs. Govindhammal, Seenu Ramasamy went to Charles School and later to T.V.S school. He graduated in Mathematics from Mannar Thirumalai Naicker College, Madurai. His love for his wife Tharshana and his daughters Thiyana and Thivya Ranjana has also contributed to his lyrical sensibilities.



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