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The Diary of a Snake Charmer

Author Name: Sandeep Saxena | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

“‘Utthisht Bharat,’ he said, and in that magical moment I felt that the river, the trees, and the sky…were saying, ‘Utthisht Bharat.’ I got up, never to look back or have doubts again.”

Just as the Bharata of yore responded to the Lord’s call to rise up from dejection, to fulfill his glorious destiny, this modern day Bharat too rises up from the pits of despair and defeat, to set out steadily on his appointed path of duty.

Bharat, an IITian, with a management degree from IIM, had a ‘successful’ innings in the corporate world, with overseas postings too. Having acquired a substantial bank balance, he has the urge to set up a business in rural India, which will bring greater profits to the farmers. Predictably, he is ruthlessly pushed out, and systematically ruined by the vested interests that feel threatened. Deep in despair, he gets help from a most unexpected quarter, a poor tribal snake charmer, known as Nagbaba…

A gripping tale of how he comes out from the mires of debt and ruin, to rise up again, wiser but undeterred from his chosen path…

A story of modern India, the two Indias of the cities and the villages… the urban, educated, elite youth with modern knowledge from science and technology, and the illiterate people of the forests, who have the wealth of wisdom passed down from centuries… the development of cities, which takes place at the cost of the proliferation of slums… the two different cultures that coexist in mutual wariness and mistrust…

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Sandeep Saxena

Sandeep Saxena, aged forty-one, was born at Bhopal and educated at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur and Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow. He worked for ten years in the corporate world, serving industry giants such as IOC, Infosys, Cognizant Technologies and Franklin Templeton India. In the course of his career, he lived in many countries.

Responding to his inner passion for establishing natural eco systems and businesses based on them, he left his settled job and established Big India Farms. He now lives on his farm in a small village named Chedka, located near Satpura National Park in central India.

The Diary of a Snake Charmer is a fictional tale written by him over a seven-year period. Many narrations here draw their beauty and richness from the depth of his first-hand experiences.

This novel marks the author’s debut as a writer.

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