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The Early Coorgs A history of early Kodagu and its people

Author Name: Mookonda Kushalappa | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

The year is 1174. The place is Kodagu. The event is the seige of a fort. The fort of Palpare is taken by a neighbouring army. The Raja calls the Kodavas from all the regions and lead them on a campaign to regain the lost fort.

This book is part of a three book series on Kodagu history. Over the ages the Kodavas of Kodavu came to be known as the Kodagas of Kodagu and as the Coorgs of Coorg. In this present book is a decipherment of the origins of the Coorgs, while speaking of their mythology and their early history, by means of folklore and inscriptions.It is a work of narrative non-fiction and of popular history.

The book records the interesting history of the Coorgs over the centuries. It begins with the mythology of Kodagu, both classical and folk. Bloc had said that to write a history such that it entertains both the layman and the learned is a great thing in itself. The tales of sages, gods and heroes are narrated. The megaliths built by the ancients of Kodagu are studied. The origins of the Coorgs are discussed. Religions, cultures and languages are compared in the process. The early history of the region is spoken of. The reign of various kings, lords and barons as deciphered from inscriptions is also spoken of. Kings of the Changalva, Kongalva, Hoysala and other dynasties have been involved in the region.

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Mookonda Kushalappa

Mookonda Poonacha Nitin Kushalappa is an amateur historian born in Kodagu to Coorg parents. He writes extensively and devours anything edible on Coorg history. He has a blog on local history, he writes in the newspapers and he edits on Wikipedia as well.

Brought up in Bangalore, he did his schooling at Clarence High and St. Joseph's PU. He is now an engineer by training (with a telecom degree from CMRIT) and profession (a Software techie) who makes apps for the iPhone. He also sketches during his spare time.