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The Elementary School Epic Novel A Hilarious Epic Saga For Smart Kids Ages 8-12

Author Name: Bam Tulookey | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

✔ Hilarious ✔ Exciting ✔ Rewarding

★ This mischievous book could be your kid’s cherished childhood memory.

✔ Laughs + 1Bonus Jokes Book + 1Smart Quest = 2Rewards + Coooolest Thrills

★ The Latest & Hottest Kid Superhero Adventure

✔ “Gosh! Couldn’t get him to put the book down.” - Maria J

★ "She was giggling so much that I got curious and felt like reading it too." Jay B

✔ The story: ♥ Harry and Blackberry are in the same class. They hate each other and compete to me more mischievious than the other. But when they keep playing hilarious pranks on the evil vice-principal Mr. Zibang, they suddenly discover something - you almost can't imagine.

Then the Evilest Super Villains enter bringing twists and suspense. But just then, the entire school discovers the advent of 2 hot secret superheroes - Kooky Sping Booty & Loopy Undie-Man - will they save them? What happens then?

And when you read about these cool superheroes' superpowers, your jaw will drop down to the floor and you'll LOL and ROFL. And hey, have you heard about the Monkey-Man? Everybody except the Monkey-Man knows that he is the Monkey-Man. It’s totally wicked, you know what I mean - action, suspense, laughs and all. 

PS: ★ A few fun words you won't find elsewhere:

Messology, Mischiefography, Boom-Bash-Stare, Naughtymatics, Sudden-Glare-Rear, Semi-wrong, Doodlistoligraphy, Surra Dooga Doo Doo Doo, Argentinosauruses and more.

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Bam Tulookey

Amazon's #1 Best Selling Author, Bam TulOOkey is a dreamer. He thought that he was a superhero when he was a kid. And? And what? He still believes that, only, it remains to come back to him somehow, he chuckles.

With the heart of a kid, a serious expression on the face and loads of strange ideas swirling in his mind, Bam also trusts he is a misfit of some sort.

Once when a huge lion at the zoo decided, for some still unknown reason, to pump a jet stream of pee directed right into Bam’s face, his life took a turn. He was all of five years then. That day, everybody around laughed at the flabbergasted kid, but after that day, Bam says, he’s become very creative somehow. Hope nobody tries that.

Bam had a truckload of talents that included jesting, theatre and magic tricks. But he was one kid who got properly thrashed and punished at school. All that, until one day when he realised he was a misfit with people and ways around.

Then he got back into life with lots and lots of mischief… after which, he lived happily ever after… well, almost.

Though Bam stank at academics, he completed 2 MBA degrees. He’s a poet, voice actor, music composer, a tarot card reader and a trainer. And he has excelled in one more art – the art of being an exceptional loser! Well, he didn’t lose at losing, at least.

Bam thinks that thinking is for thinkers, but by thinking that, one thinks he is not a thinker and this Bam thinks, is an unthinkable blunder, because only beyond thinking is living.

Bam TulOOkey lives with his parents, his two beautiful daughters, his lovely wife and his brother’s family of four, all together in a beautiful home.