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The Family from Padma Vilas

by Padmini B. Sankar

Format: Paperback

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From a small village in South India to the august offices of South Block in New Delhi, this is the incredible journey made by three generations of a Tamil Brahmin family during the last century: a herbal healer, a doctor practicing against the backdrop of Gandhi and the Freedom movement, and a senior bureaucrat representing the aspirations of a young, newly-independent India. Chronicling a tumultuous era, The Family from Padma Vilas is a memoir which recaptures a past that is fast receding from our memories, yet a past which must be cherished.

Padmini B. Sankar is a Dubai-based freelance writer who contributes regularly to local newspapers and magazines. “The Family from Padma Vilas” is her first book and first foray into non-fiction.

When she is not writing, Padmini spends her time travelling between Dubai, Delhi, Chennai and New York or else spending time with her dogs.

Visit Padmini’s blog: paddersatdubai.blogspot.com 



The Family from Padma Vilas





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