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The Fourth Kiss

Author Name: Dr. Abhinav Atul | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

 When an average guy, Hrishi, who has had bad luck in matters of love, gives in to his father’s wish and agrees to embrace the institution of arranged marriage, future seems all but certain. As luck would have it, however, the path to an arranged marriage takes Hrishi to someone who has her own love story to deal with.

The general aversion of Indian parents to the concept of love marriage is universally known. Inter caste or inter religion marriage is considered a bigger taboo than murder in many families. But even with family oppositions aside, there is no formula to say which two people who believe themselves to be in love would eventually have a ‘happily ever after’.

So, when love creeps in unannounced and unnoticed between two people who have already decided not to marry, what happens? What is our protagonist to do when the path he has set out on is entangled in friendship, longing, heartache, love and the roller coaster called life? From a spontaneous and innocent first kiss to a decisive fourth kiss, Hrishi’s journey will rekindle your faith in love.

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Dr. Abhinav Atul

An Occupational Health Physician by profession, Dr. Abhinav Atul is also a content creator on YouTube. His channel The Versatile Doctor features videos on a variety of themes including tech, entertainment and, of course, health education. Having a spark for the written word since an early age, he nurses a long-time hobby of reading and a long-time ambition of writing.

With the publishing of his debut novel, Abhinav has once more asserted that life is, indeed, multifaceted.