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The Good Spouse A Happy Marriage is the Closest Thing to Heaven

by Sumita Majumdar

Format: Paperback

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A poignant and evocative tale about Dheera, a very shy, simple and well educated girl, born and brought up in Mumbai, who grows up with the strong moral values that have been enforced in her by her parents. But in a world complex as this, can such values survive the test of time? After tying the knot at twenty-six, can a person as shy as Dheera come out of her cloistered shell and make a success of her marriage? And, above all, can anyone be fortunate enough to experience true conjugal bliss amidst earthly travails? Is there indeed such a thing as a ‘perfect marriage’?

And who exactly is the good spouse in the story? The wife? The husband? Both?

It is the answers to these questions that are hidden in the pages of this engaging book which deals with marriage – one of the biggest conundrums of human life.

Sumita Majumdar was born and brought up in Mumbai. She comes from a conservative Bengali family that relocated to Mumbai in the early 1950’s. She is extremely passionate about teaching and is an ex-lecturer of English in both junior and degree colleges. She enjoys painting and has won awards both in school and college. After marriage, she lived in West Bengal for twelve years with her husband, an ophthalmologist attached to the West Bengal Health Services. For the sake of their children’s education, they were compelled to live separately for a few years. She has two sons, both pursuing careers in IT.



The Good Spouse





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