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The Growning Effect A Marathon of Growth and Learning

Author Name: Paresh Swain | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Faaz Nigam, the protagonist, is a thorough professional working in the corporate world and knows how to focus on assignments and projects and get the desired results. He finds himself out of favour and gets entangled in the world of favouritism for some unknown reason and decides to move on. Out of nowhere, he is offered a new and challenging project by the senior management for which he needs to work with six recruits of the organisation and deliver a project for WinKart. Since no other company has ever delivered the project on time, a lot is at stake.

Faaz, who is personally undergoing a transition from a not-so-good experience in his previous role, moved away from his family leaving behind his wife Suhaana and six-month-old prince Ruhaan. This is a non-fictional piece of work on how Eleena, Rohan, Devender, Idhaant, Nachiketa, Tejas and Faaz travel through the journey of seven months, running the marathon of tasks, assignments, processes, controls, client interactions, interpersonal challenges, reviews and in the process learn and grow moment-by-moment and day-by-day and together overcome external challenges and internal conflicts—the biggest of all being the mental blocks of each one of them, clashing within and among them.

 In the end, they all complete the marathon of finishing the prestigious project against all odds. What remains to be seen is if Faaz Nigam, remains as inspiring till the end as he was in the beginning and finds himself Or, will he get consumed in the corporate world and lose himself?.

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Paresh Swain

Paresh is passionate about Life Coaching & Capability Development and coaching and comes to us with perspectives like they hold the universe's secrets. Hailing from a humble family he moved from corporate to corporate and from rank to rank with experiences from Software Education, Sales, Training, Learning & Development, known for his man-management skills. "Choose love over power, always." It strikes as one good advice for all. 

Paresh's empathy and curiosity flows naturally. He is an avid learner with certifications ranging from neuroscience, project planning to financial planning with emotional intelligence being his favourite. When asked ‘Who are you?’, Paresh will quickly respond, ‘Lifetime Learner’. 

Reading is an unexpected passion for someone typically on-the-go but for Paresh, books have been a lifeline since his youth. Buying treasured titles and holding the crisp pages, diving into new worlds - made all the difference. Running, on the other hand, was never expected to be his passion. When he was medically challenged for running, he laced up and running became a self-affirming ritual. So, if you ever meet Paresh, ask him for reading recommendations and be prepared for some motivating marathon stories as well.

When Paresh was asked to describe his writing process, he answered in two simple words: "I Run." He adds,“When you can run, why walk?” While most writers prefer solitude, Paresh prefers to go for a run to spark his creativity. “It’s around the fifth mile words pop up from thoughts and by seventh mile, words find wings.

So, there you have it – Paresh is on a journey now as a writer which is a departure from his traits as Coach and Leader and his passion for running. It is all coming together with all his heart in his first book, The Growning Effect.