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The Hard Knock Life and The Real 'OG' Build A Fortress Around Your Life

Author Name: Pothen Manamel Cherian | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Have you ever found yourself wondering about the genuine significance of understanding who you truly are? Have you ever thought about diving deep into your own identity and grasping the essence of your being? In a world where constant distractions and societal expectations abound, it's all too easy to lose sight of your true self. But what if there's a way not just to find out who you are, but also to discover guidance and purpose on your journey?

In a world where material possessions and social status are the obsession, it's easy to get caught up in the unending race. You tirelessly chase after bigger houses, better cars, and larger bank accounts, believing that these things will somehow bring you happiness and fulfillment. I wonder though, is life really a race?

Life extends far beyond the mere accumulation of wealth. It's about savoring every moment, cherishing the relationships you forge, and the journey that unfolds before you. While money can certainly provide comfort and security, it should never become the sole focus or reason for your existence.

In the pages that lie within, the Author tries to delve into the very essence of success, dismantling the notion that it's tied to material possessions alone. 

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Pothen Manamel Cherian

In the pages of this captivating biography, the author's spiritual journey unfolds, an odyssey of self-discovery and faith redefined. Born into a family with Christian beliefs, the young protagonist's early connection to religion was but a gentle whisper in the background of his life. It wasn't until he crossed the threshold of Hebron school that a transformative path began to unfold.

As he advanced into his senior years and A-levels, a growing aversion to the rigidity of Christianity took root. He felt that identifying as Christian meant conforming to a certain stereotype associated with Hebron. This disillusionment stemmed from witnessing fellow Christians engage in hurtful behavior toward transgender individuals, which clashed with his understanding of God's call to kindness and love for all.

Yet, amidst the shadows of doubt, a profound shift in perspective gradually emerged. He began to perceive faith as a deeply personal connection with the divine, realizing that each person's journey toward God was unique and incomparable. This realization became a cornerstone of his evolving spirituality.

While he didn't identify as a conventional Christian, believing that he couldn't be as Christ-like as Jesus, he realized that if he possessed even one Christ-like quality, he had the right to call himself a Christian. His daily prayer deepened his connection with God, who spoke to him in dreams and revealed the importance of love as the core of his faith.