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The HEart of Math A young boy's passion of art, math and pattern

Author Name: Sai Akhil Anand | Format: Paperback | Genre : Arts, Photography & Design | Other Details

“Patterns are everywhere , Amma” said Akhil as he walked through the garden . A lazy snail with its spiral was making its way through a tessellation of leaves. The little boy sat chewing on his bread as he watched the leaves all curl out as tiny fractals. Today was Diwali the sky was full of colour and pattern. Sierpenski triangles danced with the Apollonian gaskets as Primary colours painted the sky. “Just like Piet Mondrian.” Thought Akhil. He watched the Newtonian fractals lights flashing in the door, of course it was a one point perspective. Leonardo Da Vinci wouldn’t want it any other way. As the Fibonacci spiral spun its light on the floor making the hissing noise of a Zamin Chakra. It was time to wake up. It was a dream. Yes it is always a dream in Akhil’s Math Wonderland. Everyday is a new pattern and everyday there is an artist and art who reveals the  canvas.

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Sai Akhil Anand

A 12 year old artist, Akhil has been mentored in Art by Ms.Diana Satish. He has a passion for Indian tribal art forms like Madhubani, Gond, Cheriyal, Warli, Kalighat and Kerala Mural Art. The complexity of the art forms have fascinated him. He is currently working on his first solo exhibition on “Math Patterns in Nature”, influenced by Indian art and scenery. These are some of the artworks apart from his ink drawings that will form part of his solo exhibition. Akhil is a young entrepreneur who runs “Akhilisms” a merch, platform where he sells his custom produced Art as affordable giftables. Proceeds of his carnival sales are shared with Canbridge, to help Specially abled children to sell their artwork.

His other interests are chess, gymnastics, yoga and Badminton. His other ambition is to be a civil rights lawyer to fight for an equal and sustainable environment. 



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