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The Hush - Hush Bride

by M. Aishvarya

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Kamal writes a novel titled “­ The March-Past Bride”. Arun, Kamal’s friend gets publicity for the novel. Arun tells Ravi, his relative, to purchase a copy of the novel. Ravi obeys.

Who’s Ravi?

Ravi, a not so smart guy at school wants to go for an image makeover as he enters college. A dud in the line of love, he wants to impress a girl named Sunita but is devastated to know that the girl has a number of love affairs.

Heartbroken, he passes his days until the day he tells his problem to Arun.

“The person who helps others in their love life, does get help from God in his or her love life. If you love someone sincerely, fate always gives you a chance to prove your love” says Arun.

Ravi takes the words of Arun as his motto and begins to help a boy named Rajiv in the latter’s love affair with a girl named Anaya.

Ravi decides to challenge the whole world in order to unite Rajiv and Anaya. He does this with the hope that fate brings Sunita to him in return.

Does he succeed?

Does his hope get him the desired result or is it shattered?

“If we help others in their problem, then God helps us in our problem” we all know this golden proverb. But does this proverb find its applicability in love?



The Hush - Hush Bride





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