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The Insider

by Choudary Bharat

Format: Paperback

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Kabir has many best selling books to his credit. Having a never say never attitude, he accepts a challenge to write a book in a completely different genre, despite his success with romance. When he stumbles upon an old newspaper cutting about a robbery, he gets intrigued and decides to write about the infamous robber Anjaan.

Kabir has chance encounter with Maya, who not only helps him with the book, but also captures his heart. In the meanwhile, Kabir's past catches up with him and brings forth unexpected twists and turns. Maya is also not who she seems to be.

What was her secret ?

Does Kabir complete the challenge?

What happend to real Anjaan ?

Bharat has completed his masters in physics and is currently working as a software professional in an IT company. He is a cinephile and sports enthusiast. He loves telling new stories and has set all the plans to pen down different genres in near future. He lives in Chennai with his wife Saranya and daughter Aadya. "The Insider" is his debut novel.


The Insider





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