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The Karmic Rewind - Invoke Brahma The Creator Within REWIND - REVIVE - RELIVE

Author Name: Atam Dhillon | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

"The Karmic Rewind" which emphasises on you to Rewind - Revive and ReLive Your Life.


In this book I share with you the Logics of the world and the Universe. The Un-Common Common Sense that prevails in everyone's Life, when it comes to Living the Life as one would love to. I have cracked that code, and In this book, I will help you do the same. I will share with you My concept of Future Probability Sphere and help you find your spot in Your Personal FPS. Then I will take you through the logical flow of universe and how the habits and basics of human nature are in resemblance with the way the universe operates.


Through this medium and with heavy back-ups from the scientific community, you will be encouraged and compelled to believe in the real potential we as humans have within us. When I started writing, I could not stop myself from revealing all I could to help you all find the Real Happiness in life. Time for Four Changes (part-IV) will be the best support you will ever find to make you think deeply about making the change in life. Step by Step techniques in this part along with step by step instructions for Karmic Rewind Tool will help you achieve the Life you want to live.



This book will help you in achieving the levels of Positive Thinking, Motivation and encouragement to be able to change your life to live a Happy, Prosperous & Abundant Life. Why wait longer LIVE LIFE, Don't JUST LIVE. The Book is available at a Life changing price. GO ON - Create Your Own Prophecy

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Atam Dhillon


Live Life, Don't JUST Live. Helping people & Entrepreneurship is something that is Embedded in me. If I am convinced on something, I will convince you all. And when I am speaking of my own journey in life, I bet You are already convinced to be a change maker.

Born in June 1979 in the capital city of India's Punjab Province named Chandigarh, I was named by my maternal grandfather - Atamjeet Singh.

I took the name literally to claim myself to be Atam Jeet "Atam meaning Self, Jeet meaning Win, so Self Winner". Positive Thinking has been part of my life ever since I was a child and has kept me motivated to do something meaningful in life. Lived in India up-till the age of 18 and moved to Australia, where I finally settled. Currently I live in Chandigarh as well as Canberra, the capital city of Australia. I did not miss my hometown as much since I moved to Canberra. The city I grew up in and Canberra, both resemble very closely to each other. In 2015, I decided to shift to Chandigarh to allow myself the free time I needed to implement the Change I've been wanting to implement and make my Entrepreneur dreams come true. A very tough decision right....?

Back in 2010-11, I found a master key and a concept, all of a sudden it all started to sink into my brain. Something magical happened and all the burdens on my mind were just gone. I realised the struggle I was putting up with. This was not going to get me anywhere. And the most Important step I took was; I decided to say Yes to Change. Change in Life towards the way Life was meant to be lived.

I have made changes in Big ways in Life, I can help you make that change too. Learn from me, my life experiences in India and Australia. I can help you get there, just connect with me to Live Life, Don't JUST Live.

Looking forward to Connect and Impact

Atam Dhillon.