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Author Name: Manoj Keshav | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

This is not an ordinary book. This book has the power to clear deep psychic blocks in us and set you on the path to illumination. The insights presented in the book can potentially transform us at the innermost level and help us find inner peace and radiance.

Life is a miracle. This book helps us cherish our life—a life we have been bestowed with on this beautiful Earth.

Key Benefits

Improves Health: ‘It shouldn’t have happened’ or ‘It shouldn’t be happening’ are thoughts that indicate non-acceptance. It adds to stress, guilt, remorse and shame, leading to psychosomatic illness in the long term. Acceptance, on the other hand, brings openness, spaciousness and healing.

Improves Relationships: Accepting another person the way they are is the silver bullet that can open the lock to any person’s heart. Acceptance allows another person to be themselves, relax and share their deepest thoughts and feelings with us.

Improves Confidence: The root of self-doubt is non-acceptance of Self. Just like it is hard to fathom the edge or outer boundary of the universe, it is indeed hard to find the edge or boundary of our capabilities. Acceptance helps know, explore and discover the vastness of who we are.

Improves Emotional Well-being: We all face failures, setbacks and criticism in life. Non-acceptance of these worsens our ability to manage our emotions. Acceptance allows us to truly listen to our emotions and turn them into assets.

Improves Decision-making: Non-acceptance is resistance to what  is . Denial and building an alternative reality, an illusionary world that is far from reality is what follows. Acceptance helps see the harsh reality, swallow the bitter pill and take decisions, based on facts.

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Manoj Keshav

Manoj Keshav is a leading International NLP Master Trainer, psychologist, and therapist with over two decades of training experience in conducting life-transforming, experiential workshops.

His approach to training is the ‘Inside-Out’ approach, and he believes that to bring about a deeper change, we need to dive deeper into one’s mind. It involves uncovering one’s inner drives, paradigms and deeply held belief systems. He has a scientific mindset and deeply believes in continuous self-improvement.

You can reach him at mk@manojkeshav.com



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