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The Mumbai Blues

Author Name: Adithya Bhardwaj | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

For the 20-year old idealist Karthik, control over his life is everything. His friends admire him, girlfriend adores him, and his mother is proud of him. How will he react when this perfect, illusory bubble around his world suddenly bursts?

For the 18-year old orphan Chandu, standing on his own feet is primary. Moving to mysterious Mumbai was only the beginning of his journey. How will he handle the responsibilities and relationships in this new world?

‘The Mumbai Blues’ is a parallel narrative of two worlds connected by chaos, courage and companionship. What is this connection? How are Karthik and Chandu related? You are holding in your hands a tale of two boys who are, like you, me and everyone else.

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Adithya Bhardwaj

Adithya Bhardwaj works as a Business Programmer Analyst for a major PBM in New Jersey, USA. Originally from Bengaluru, he currently considers Hyderabad as home in India. This is his first book as an author, which he claims to have mostly written at a coffee shop. He previously contributed content for online magazines, blogs and Kotak Mahindra Bank’s money watch website. He also writes answers on Quora, which have been featured on the Quora Digest. Due to frequently moving around different cities when he was a child, Adithya is a polyglot and can speak 4 Indian languages.

If you would like to discuss more about the book, or about Game of Thrones spoilers, you can reach him at:



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