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The Naraka Cycle Book 2 - Demons and their Gods

Author Name: Sundar Nathan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

A continuation of the saga begun with Ravan's Trial...

Chakravarthi Indra tightens his grip over the realm of Naraka, where five warring kingdoms bend the knee to his might. 

Ravan, crown prince of Asurapura returns from his trial of seven days in the dangerous Aranya, having survived an encounter with the terrifying Simurgh creature and escaped the clutches of Devan slavers at the infamous Ayasapur iron mine. 

Rocked by the disappearance of his beloved sister Surpanakha and Vidhyadharan crown prince Harsha Gurung, and armed with the advice of their mysterious Teacher, Ravan and his Nagan friend Vaasuki embark from Lanka’s palaces to the forbidding wilds of Simha Aranya on a quest to find the two lost teenagers…

High Praise for ‘Ravan’s Trial’

“In Ravan's Trial', Sundar Nathan delivers a tour de force of storytelling, blending ancient myth with modern sensibilities to create a work that is at once timeless and timely"

                                                   - The Times of India

“The Naraka Cycle is a triumph of storytelling. with a captivating combination of myth, fantasy, and adventure that will leave readers spellbound.”

                                                      - Hitvada

“Sundar Nathan's ‘Ravan's Trial’ embarks on a fantastical journey through ancient mythological realms, weaving a narrative replete with intrigue and adventure.”

                                                     - CNN News 18

“Ravan’s Trial is gripping; familiar characters in new roles with new destinies. I enjoyed it a lot.”

                                                  - Viswanathan Anand, Five Time World Chess Champion

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Sundar Nathan

Sundar Nathan has been passionate about mythology and storytelling since childhood, when his grandmother Namagiri and his mother Saroja regaled him with tales from the great Indian epics - The Ramayana & the Mahabharata. Sundar is an engineer and technology marketer. While pursuing a successful career in Silicon Valley, Sundar embarked on a seven-year  journey culminating in his first mythological thriller ‘Ravan’s Trial’. ‘Demons and their Gods’ is the second book in The Naraka Cycle series.



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