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The Philosophy of Everything This is God Signing Out

Author Name: Nithin Palal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Philosophy | Other Details
Amazon Sales Rank: Ranked #67 in Philosophy

This book explains how to regain control of one’s life from God and live a happy, liberated life. In addition, it explains why the concept of “first cause” is a myth. After reading, an individual may determine:

What could be the truth?

What possibilities exist for acquiring knowledge?

What might be the nature of reality?

Should individuals believe in free will or determinism?

Is there a God?

What will probably happen after someone passes away?

What conceivably is the mind, and how to master it?

How should society be organized to promote peaceful coexistence?

What is the most efficient method for living a meaningful life?

Unlike others books that argue for and against the existence of God, this one attempts to provides a comprehensive direction on improving life in a godless society.

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Nithin Palal

Nithin Palal is not a bestselling author by any means. He loves the fact that his name rhymes with ‘nothing’. He has a theory that asserts “nothing evolved through billions of years to know via human consciousness that it exists”. During the pandemic, he began to ponder the meaning of life, eventually committing himself to do something meaningful on his own. He’s a ‘mutualist’ and ‘space being’ who considers the entire universe and infinite space as his ‘family and home’. People can find him on Instagram (@omgitsnithin) only when he signs out of the real world, which is seldom these days.