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The Retro Man

by Amit Pandey

Format: Paperback

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The habitually reticent Neel is maneuvered into sharing the secrets of his queer yet happy existence with a friend who happens to be an antithesis of Neel’s idyllic views about life. Although the man can’t stand Neel’s idealistic, old-fashioned ways, he must bear with Neel’s hackneyed wisdom for one whole night to fulfill a personal agenda. The story unfolds in an ensuing dialogue that spans faith, destiny and most of all relationships…within a family and with the Almighty. Neel unravels how he eventually found his footing in life after a turbulent childhood and then used a shattering personal failure to turn all the negativity in his life into a mantra for lifelong happiness. Tempted, Neel’s friend can’t wait to use that mantra to find some happiness for himself and soon finds an opportunity to do so; but are the results up to his expectations…?



The Retro Man





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