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The Return of Gandhi

Author Name: Dr. D. Vizai Bhaskar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Dramas & Plays | Other Details

“The Return of Gandhi”, in my opinion, rightly predicts that the Mahatma would not sit around and mourn the loss of his legacy. Rather, he would travel this great land, see, learn and understand. And he would then spring to action. Dalits and Adivasis constitute the very heart of Indian society and their pain resonated deeply with Gandhi and he saw their upliftment simply as the pursuit of justice.

In the course of my work with the United Nations, I have seen just how large an impact Gandhi left on the world. I recall a youth in a totalitarian country once asking me, “You had Gandhi…who do we have?”. In his words was a fervent longing for a leader who spoke to the masses of his country and for an example that he could identify with. I was barely surprised when his country had a non-violent revolution a year later. For whenever Gandhi is remembered, his spirit returns.

Dr Vizai Bhaskar’s Gandhi vows to “lift India from the quick sand of political delinquency and the slush of corruption and dishonesty” to “the solid rock of political and economic Justice”. He promises to return, to protect the persecuted, “the good and the innocent”, and to become the “body, mind and soul of the common man”. Indians may give up Gandhi’s ways, but let us pray that Gandhi will never give up on India.

                                                                                                                      -        Raja Karthikeya. 

                                                                                                                 Diplomat, United Nations

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Dr. D. Vizai Bhaskar

Dr. D. Vizai Bhaskar Born in a small village called Ampolu in Srikakulam district. He imbibed the spirit of democratic struggle against social and political oppression by reasons of caste, demography and political system. He draws his themes from the agony of human predicament prevalent in our rural society. He often employs the mythopoeic and folklore concepts to awaken the rural masses, since their cultural foundations are deep rooted in the perceptions of yesteryears. He also employs a powerful sense of humour with all its shades of satire and pun to inspire and provoke them for an effective realization of their goal, as he takes drama as a powerful means of social change. He is the recipient of Central Sangeet Natak Academy Award-2010 for Play Writing, Gurajada Sahiti Puraskaram, Sri Potti Sriramulu Telugu University Sahitya puraskaram for the year 2004, 7 times Nandi Awards by Government of Andhra Pradesh as Best Playwright for Kurchi, Mabbullo Bomma, Jeevannatakam, Bommalu Cheppina Bhajagovindam, Minister, Bapu Cheppina Maata and many more recognitions from cultural and literary organizations.



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