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The Scent of Ecstasy

Author Name: Kosha Shah | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

The Scent Of Ecstasy is a creative compilation of poetry. Its out-of-the-box style of writing will surely make you fall in love with this world. ‘I love myself,’ ‘I am a wildflower’ and many more poems like these put an incredible amount of emphasis on self-love and gratitude. The poet believes that these emotions are extremely important in today’s world. Poems like ‘I am your mother’ and ‘Math homework’ will set you into peals of laughter. Poetry like ‘Red lipstick,’ ‘My Saree,’ etc, will make you see the beauty in the most whimsical things that we see in our everyday lives. ‘Difference’ is a poem that has a unique way to portray juxtaposition. The Scent Of Ecstasy’s open-minded attitude will give you a different perspective on mental disorders. ‘I dream of peacock feathers and roses’ has a fresh twist on the Radha-Krishna love story. There are several beautiful romantic poems in this compilation as well .

Beware! The poet is a foodie and reading this compilation will make you feel hungry!

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Kosha Shah

Kosha Shah is a poet, writer, certified Graphologist and Numerologist. She is a proud Aquarius and a shy, sensitive INFP. She is a die-hard romantic who loves fashion and adores animals. You will often find her talking to animals as though they can understand every word she utters. She sometimes has a tendency to read newspapers from the last page to the first. She loves nature but nature comes hand in hand with snakes and spiders—which terrify her. So, she writes poetry on nature to experience nature without these creepy creatures worrying her. She has a strong dislike for clichés. She can be rebellious, sometimes. She loves to introspect and is on a constant self-improvement drive.



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