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The School Girl / The School Girl When she became her father's girlfriend

Author Name: Rajesh Aanand | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details
The School Girl - when she became her father's girlfriend, is the story of two girls of 12-13 years who want to embrace all the experiences of love, sex, and life at a very young age. The 13-year-old 'Ragini' who had to bear the brunt of her own father's lust since taking care of her senses and due to that hesitation about men, could never take birth on her mind. Relationships like sex were the same for her as ordinary girls eating food anywhere when they are hungry. Although she was not very beautiful to look at, her careless nature made her very special among the boys which became a big reason to jealous of other girls. The girls studying with her wanted to be like her, she wanted to get a sense of belonging among the boys, like Ragini, and this desire turned her special friend Neelam's life towards a path where Ragini would do not want to let her go. Emotions, conflicts, and competition to overtake each other to any extent and the paths chosen in it became the threads of this story that make it difficult for the readers to overcome. The characters of these two girls have established such a relationship with the society of the 21st century that it becomes difficult to understand whether you are reading a story or watching the events happening around you lively.
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Rajesh Aanand

Rajesh Anand's life cannot be coined with a thread of words. Condolences have been a part of his personality since his childhood. Understanding the meaning of small things, analyzing and trying to give them a voice through words and pictures made him a mature writer and painter in his childhood. His first novel, The Offender was published when he was just 17 years old. The fascination for writing was not part of his talent but of nature. Usually forgets the events that a person considers a part of the routine, in those events, they find the tenants of their stories. In novels written so far, such as 'Gunhugar', where he has given a lively depiction of the compulsions of a girl's father and the humanity of human beings, in 'Ragini - The School Girl', she has portrayed the characters of 12-13 girls in the society of 21st century. It has made such a relationship that it becomes difficult to understand whether you are reading a story or watching the events happening around you alive. The beautiful portrayal of boys' mood, attraction, and uneasiness in school girls reflects the writer's hold on the story through the story. In one of his novels, 'Glamorous', where he exposed the ghastly lessons of love and marriage, he took the fantasy flight to Mars from his second novel 'Red Planet'. From the fragmentation of the earth to the world of science, in spite of the unique progress, in the presence of human helplessness and living on another planet, he has created a very beautiful layout of the struggle. The writer did not stop the flight of his imagination and the edge of the pen here. Through the novel 'Hindu-riot', he has attacked the society which has broken down in religion. He tried to explain how a Brahmin woman, after marrying a Muslim man, turns into a tarnished object which neither a Hindu wants to keep nor a Muslim.