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The Sun also Shines in Pakistan What if the ruler of all stars turned out to be a Pakistani?

Author Name: Manjari Sharma | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details
My book is about the torture of being victims for one's colour or culture. The novel talks about how everyone is biologically and mentally connected to a star. The story talks two stories in parallel: one in which the Star- which happens to be the most respected star in society as well as a Pakistani also turns out to be world’s biggest criminal. While this part of the story talks about all the vicious crimes he committed and the terror he spread, the parallel story will be talking about his entire struggle and how his upbringing and the discrimination he faced just because he was a Pakistani and a Muslim led him to being a criminal. Towards the end of the story, both the stories clash as the reader understands each part of the plot now and then the story progresses further. It ends with the Sun helping the world and people- (can also be refereed to as stars as they’re physically and mentally connected to stars) out. The ending goes to show that you can’t put a religious or a superstitious tag on everything. Some things are universal, like the Sun for example. Thus, the ending stands that that Sun shines on each. It touches every skin- no matter dark or hair, it helps green every field no matter who lives on those grounds or which god they pray to and the sun shines in America and thus, what I’m saying is that that the Sun also shines in Pakistan.
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Manjari Sharma

I'm Manjari Sharma, a tenth grader currently studying in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Ecole Mondiale world school. I've always found my heart in pouring my heart out in words. I've also achieved trophies, certificates and medals in variety for debating, creative and political writing, acting and public speaking. Therefore, I’ve always wanted to write a book and the reason I took up the project of writing a novel in tenth grade is due to my curriculum requiring a project for me to work on. One of the other important aspects of writing a novel is the money generated by it and therefore if I do happen to generate a profit through my novel, I plan on donating it a culturally and racially opposing organisation. I’ve been writing for a while now and have scribbled quotes, thoughts and ideas in almost every single notebook I have ever owned. This book has allowed to collate these ideas and band them together for use in a novel opposing a well-known discrimination. The reason I chose this form of discrimination is because I feel racial and cultural discrimination has become a lesser known issue in today’s life. People assume it to have been an issue that once existed and now has been completely eradicated which is completely untrue. In my own home itself, coming from an Indian family, I’ve noticed how my family reacts to Pakistanis though not on a major level. I then got curious enough to research into the issue and got hold of racially and culturally discriminated victims and understand further how a victim of this issue feels. With thorough research, I found information about why and for how long this issue had occurred. Lastly, why I chose to pick up this issue was because on some level, I’ve been a victim of it too. I’ve been judged and discriminated as an individual and been underestimated and downgraded of my talents just because I was from a lesser known city in India. This has made me write the protagonist even better and add my own experiences in my writing. Even in the small pieces of writing that my main character has written through his worst times while losing Nadia, I could relate to that part as I can understand what it feels like to be separated from people you love, having just shifted to Mumbai from the city I’ve grown up all my life in. Therefore, this book isn’t just simply a project which I have to complete for my school but also a cumulative product of my experiences and therefore a part of me.