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The Tale of Joad

Author Name: Abhishek Rawat | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

Little Joad the Toad has a secret – she doesn’t enjoy doing toady things! Well, not nearly as much as she loves to experiment and build. Wide eyed and intelligent but insecure and sensitive as well, Joad always finds herself torn between what she loves and what she thinks she should love. 

When a calamity is set to wipe out the entire Toad village, can “Odd Joad” – as other kids call her – overcome her fears and embrace her true potential?

Put on your lab coat, grab your toolset and hop along with Joad as she invents her way towards new adventures.

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Abhishek Rawat

Abhishek Rawat is a senior leader in a multinational tech company and a former management consultant. A pan-genre consumer of books, Abhishek used his time at IIT Guwahati and IIM Indore to whet his appetite reading eclectic fiction and non-fiction, while occasionally also studying to get his degrees. 

For years, Abhishek nursed his ambition to be an author by writing stories about fantasy, crime, palace intrigue, espionage and superheroes that are collecting digital dust in folders tucked so deeply as to merit archaeological excavations.

However, inspiration came in the way of his daughter Aashvi, who like her dad, is an unbiased patron of all kinds of illustrated children’s literature and who opened Abhishek’s eyes to a wonderful new genre where imagination is truly unfettered. “The Tale of Joad” is the Abhishek’s first book and a token of his gratitude to both Aashvi and the amazing adventure-land that is children’s illustrated literature.