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The Zen Sheep Your Inner Zen Master

Author Name: G Guruprasad | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels | Other Details

In Zen Buddhism, a ‘koan’ is a short anecdote or riddle that is designed by itself to create an experience of enlightenment. It’s common for zen masters to provoke through paradoxes, irrational thinking, and misdirection. These are done intentionally to help students break through their desire for logic and reason and thus become more open to enlightenment.

And now cartoonist Guruprasad through his lively and entertaining illustrations injects much wit and humour into this modern interpretation of the age-old Zen Koans. He has spiced up each episode with his unique style- to these thought provoking and fascinating Zen koans - to be enjoyed by the young and old alike.

The Zen Sheep - your inner Zen Master will give readers not only an insight into one of the greatest collection of Zen Koans, but have them rock-rolling in comic relief.

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G Guruprasad

Guruprasad  is the Co- Founder & CEO, TOONVINCI - online cartoon shop and the creator & author of The Zen Sheep - your inner Zen Master book.


He is also the editorial cartoonist in a leading Tamil daily in Chennai. Combining humour, Knowledge & art - he has a unique way of commenting on life - more than 6000 of his cartoons are published so far.


With over 17 years’ experience, his drawings offer a witty take on some of the social and economic  challenges facing the country &  also pokes fun at the political system.


Guruprasad  holds an MBA from the Vellore Institute of Technology - Vellore, India.

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