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Triveni A Collection of Short Poems

Author Name: Ashutosh Moru | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

When you decide to colour the pages of a book with your emotions, poetry flows from the quill of the mind and words are etched onto the parchment of the soul. Some would say that's a very clichéd way to put it. I would say it's the most truthful. Because, when a few years ago I started to write these Triveni, I could not have guessed the way they would intertwine with the very fabric of my soul, and the emotions I poured into them. These simple poems tell stories of love, loss, lust and sometimes larger-than-life emotions that are expansive enough to fill reams of paper. But, words are expensive my friend, every letter you add to a story comes at a cost, which is why I have tried to keep mine short and succinct. Telling stories within the confines of three lines is an art form that I am trying to explore through this little collection I call, Triveni.

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Ashutosh Moru

Fat. Poet.The End.That's who I am, but my friends say I should write more about myself here... so I am going to try. I am Indian, living in India, and also writing in India (sorry folks no astral projection here). I am following a set of pointers to write this bio because me writing one extempore will mean I go off on tangents and we end up talking about Dr Who and Harry Potter* for about 1000 words, and then you'll just go away from this page thinking, "yeah, that guy's weird AF."

(*: Just for the record: I love HP because it's my childhood, but I don't support JKR. Trans rights are human rights.)

So instead I'll talk about what inspired me to write: reading. That's it, no huge moment I knew I was Tolstoy incarnate or the torchbearer to Tennyson's legacy. I loved reading and then I wanted to tell the stories that those stories form in my head (I also love convoluted sentences, you have been warned). Ever since I was a kid, my family always encouraged me to read, and it helped me immensely.I got into writing because it was cool. I got into sharing my writing because like every good author who writes and wants to share their work with the world, I also felt the insane need to shove my work in other people's faces and through sheer dumb luck, some people liked it. I became a clingy puppy and clung to them, and they somehow came to accept me as a friend. Y'all know who you are, and have no idea what it means to me, but thank you.
My ambition is to write more, read more, work, earn money, eat pizza once a month and not gain any weight from that. Oh! and also sell lots of copies of Triveni...