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Untold Truth from Indus Seal Inscriptions

Author Name: Prabhunath Hembrom | Format: Paperback | Genre : Language Studies | Other Details

What the Indologists missed in deciphering the Indus seal inscriptions was the understanding of the basic contours of the script and that they not only meant mere words but flowing sentences. The incredible ideas emerging from the peculiarity of the images employed in writing on being diligently identified through the rebus method leads to defining the current social and religious roots prevalent in India. All the seal inscriptions amazingly follow the phonetic, syntactic and semantic principles; and also redefine the existence of superstructures, trade and economy, which altogether help to brand the Harappan Civilization as a literate society.

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Prabhunath Hembrom

The author is an ex-employee of the Govt. of Jharkhand. Encouraged by his earlier publication, Indus Valley Civilization Script Decoded, he decided to work on a more logical aspect of the Indus seal inscriptions by considering a larger number of seals than those taken up earlier. It is no surprise that he is utterly content with his new findings, which, he believes, will help in further research and re-writing the ancient pre-Buddha history of India. His articles related to this book on received a good response during discussions with the participating research scholars.



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