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Up Above the Sky

Author Name: Tanvi Vyas | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Distances are the paths to differences, is what they have been saying since forever. Lack of link causes a loss of link, is what we have been hearing since forever. They say long-distance relationships aren’t even relationships; they are like virtual separations, but why would one even care if they never want it to be a part of their life?

Until the day Taira and Shlok, a set typically against long-distance relationships, meets. They experience the situation of going through something they had never prepared themselves for. 

Will random beliefs prove to be true or will their love make it all a myth, making it work for the two? Let us see how far love can travel…


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Tanvi Vyas

Tanvi Vyas is a fashion designer, educator and the author of the books Journey to His Heart and If It Was About You and Me. Her books are a beautiful combination of love stories and open letters. Through her scripts, she describes the very aspects of falling in love and growing. She makes sure of writing in the most understandable manner, making sure that every reader relates to her words with ease. 

Through her books, she wants the preciousness of devotion to light up once again, and quit the art of giving up on what you love the most. The many quotes and lessons in her works make her writing more ravishing and worth the time.

“If it is within you, it can never be without you.”