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Wealth Way The Secret of the Rich

by Dinadevan

Format: Paperback

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“If you are not interested in money and wealth, this book is a must – read.” – Andrews E. V., Rtd. Joint Secretary, Secretariat.

“Doing social service always brings prosperity.” - Ashib Khan, Kerala

“I have found this coaching to be of immense use to me on many levels as I have not been aware of how to use assets etc. and Dinadevan has made me realize the importance of this method. -Siobhan, London

“Please come along for my success” – Nisam A., Trivandrum

Dinadevan is an Indian educator. He is a family welfare consultant. He won the MDRT award for the best financial professionals at the age of twenty-one. He designed Wealth Way, a course for laymen and business-people to become wealthy. He is a passionate advocate for financial education.

Born: January 14, 1985, Kerala, India.
Education: University of Kerala.
Spouse: Vijayalekshmy.



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