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WET BLANKET The Tipping Point of Grueling Macabre

Author Name: Srinivasan G. Chari | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The story "Wet Blanket", more than a typical fiction, is a hard-hitting narrative of the realities of prejudices, discriminations and homicide, and the monstrously distending obscurantist society at large, with barbarism as the consequence, and warranting befitting punitive actions to stymie those. 

The inert, apathetic and unresponsive people and systems tortuously empower the maladies to prolong - and the cascading brunt is woefully weathered by the innocents. Thus victimized to no bounds!      

As much - Wet Blanket is the tale that quivers every generation’s middle class, mainly due to the happenings that are devastating, which makes every individual a cynic towards the world. It is beheld with negation, for the most hapless things that ensue.

The plot wafts around the brewing issues of the "ill-willed" tendencies spread through brutality as a practice besides trending wrong messages against particular Sections & Gender of society, and indefensible Jingoism. Consequently, all violations and dereliction tend to be persistent against the pre-laid tenets of the "World Human & Civil Rights" towards life and existence with dignity. 

The diminishing essence of enthusiasm to live a life of dignity or killing the joy of living or the respect for life resonates as the metaphor - “Wet Blanket”.

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Srinivasan G. Chari

Srinivasan Chari comprises over a decade and a half of the far-reaching exposure in content areas, writing from features and editorials to the humongous world of corporate communications tools.

He has been consummate with crafting Advertorials, Press Releases, Presentations, Authored Articles, Business Writing, Content Writing and Development, and so on. He has been proactive towards contributing to Corporate Organizations and Publications; besides, his involvement in Public Relations, Press & Media Communication, and Co-ordinations, and so on, for NGOs and Institutions.  

His works have been published in India and overseas. 
A Fiction “Me- Blue Magic” 
A Creative - Critiquing Essay – “Cow On The Ice” 
Also, published in a Literary Magazine in 
North Carolina, USA.