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When time stopped living me…

Author Name: Arun Sud | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

‘I am afraid you’ll have to put her/him down!’ How many thousand times each day veterinary fraternity pronounces this gut-wrenching verdict stunning the pets and their stewards all over the planet? 

And how many thousand times each day hapless pet lovers heed to the ‘professional’ advice only to spend their lifetimes in hurts and regrets that ‘maybe… just maybe, their pet’s time had not yet come! Maybe…!’

Here’s your opportunity to lighten your baggage by connecting with the anguish, frustration, and in the end, the joy of bouncing back to the robust health, of an adolescent German shepherd. Using alternative medicine the dog and his steward fought back the verdict of ‘certain death due to multiple organ damage’ to bring you their survival story duly illustrated with real-time photos until full recovery.

Bingo, the sixteen-month-old German shepherd hero of this story in the Indian Himalayas, got so traumatized by the impact of the ‘scientific’ verdict of ‘putting him down on his master that impelled by the canine genetic coding he wandered off into the deep forest to mingle with the elements. But, for some eagles hovering over a particular patch of the forest that helped in spotting and retrieving him, the Vet’s verdict that had triggered Bingo’s death wish may well have come true! 

But destiny had its plan; thankfully!

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Arun Sud

Being a social scientist was bad enough but then, I joined the bureaucracy’ says Arun Sud, a hands-on farmer, and mason by choice. He holds Masters Degrees in Political Science (India) and Economics (UK) both, with distinction and Ph.D. in Public Administration. 


A nature lover to the core, he likes working with mud and earth, sand and stone than just discussing global environmental upheavals ad nauseum. A major chunk of his work and personal life has been driven by his belief to re-establish the validity of traditional knowledge systems such as alternative medicine and chemical-free farming. 


Born in Tehran, Iran in 1950, Arun has petted dogs from the age of five. His six decades-long journey with his dogs with their peculiar behaviors and idiosyncrasies helped in fleshing up this story that revolves around reviving his pet using alternative medicine who had been condemned to euthanization by conventional medicine. 


After retirement, he and his wife Sunita developed a ‘Natural Farm’ in the Indian Himalayas that has evolved as a hub for pro bono residential training of volunteers drawn from all parts of the globe (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yjrax5V-Kro).



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