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You 3.0 A powerful strategy to achieve professional goals with self-discovery and personal branding

Author Name: Anand Tamboli, Amit Danglé | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Disruption - the one thing you will repeatedly face during this decade. And every time it happens, there will be a tectonic shift in jobs, economy, as well as work in general.

To stay relevant and survive, you need distinction! So, how do you create it? How can you achieve personal and professional goals simultaneously? Let us show you in this book.

We’ll explain better and proven strategies for achieving your goals with self-discovery and personal branding, to amplify your original persona for everybody’s benefit. We’ll explain why visibility is the new norm and how to regain control for attracting favorable decisions. We’ll also tell you when it’s appropriate to go against norms.

Most people remain frustrated throughout their careers. Live with unfulfilled dreams, just because they remain obscure and can’t create necessary distinction. Don’t be “most people!”

Learn to become indispensable and uniquely useful, upgrade yourself, become You 3.0!

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Anand Tamboli, Amit Danglé

Anand Tamboli

Anand is a serial entrepreneur, global speaker, award-winning author, innovator, and transformation specialist.

For people seeking accelerated personal transformation, Anand provides clear and practical strategies that successfully work in real life. He is a polymath who brings unique perspectives on topics that people think are “done to death.”

When working with several Fortune 500 multinationals, Anand gained extensive cross-industry and multi-cultural experience. He specializes in areas that intersect with technology and people.

As an intense spiritual seeker, Anand loves to talk about core systems that shape our lives, such as education, work, politics, parenting, and spirituality.

Know more about him at https://www.anandtamboli.com/story. 


Amit Danglé

Amit is just like the city where he was born, Mumbai. He is imperfect, open-minded, hardworking, but most importantly, resilient. The death of his first son or the financial lows created by his decision to do full-time social work didn’t keep him down for long.

The greatest and, perhaps, the only skill Amit holds is storytelling. Give him the most ordinary situation and he will create Macbeth. Naturally, Amit can find himself professionally contributing as a marketer. For about two decades, he has helped several multinational companies build brands their audiences can trust.

Amit’s latest endeavor is to promote personal branding among fellow professionals so they can achieve their life goals. He likes to mix his corporate branding experience with human values to create a tantalizing approach that everyone can follow.

Know more about him at https://www.linkedin.com/in/amitdangle/.