My First Love
By Monika Shanmugam in Poetry | Reads: 82 | Likes: 0
My flowery soul had been crushed by the harsh hands of ruthless souls. Judgemental prickles for not being alluring and vivacious had given its sepals a despairing hue. Its ambrosial petals had been withered to the tempest of other's cynical blows. Every time, it fell with the immense hope of a ne  Read More...
Published on Jun 12,2020 04:34 PM
Silent world
By Monika Shanmugam in Poetry | Reads: 82 | Likes: 0
In the insane wars at the borders, the bomb blasts, To shatter the alien soldiers, also, their visionary life like the clasts. The gonzo maladies visit the beings with the scary syndromes. It endows the deleterious effects and the everlasting doldrums. Few filthy men in the world are also born t  Read More...
Published on Jun 12,2020 04:39 PM
I Discovered a Friend.
By Tanya Goyal in Poetry | Reads: 90 | Likes: 0
The sun has been hitting the daisies in the garden, And I have been sitting, amidst the soft grass, with my friend of ages. Lately, she has been the only one with whom, I smile at the clouds and laugh out my reveries. We have been running in our streets, In an endless euphoria, And I have been stick  Read More...
Published on Jun 12,2020 04:59 PM
By Darshana Mehta in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
 The roads lay bare The glass buildings stared At each other's reflections The air lay still Waiting for the mighty train To whisk it away To lands unknown. The empty streets Whispered to each other Bidding their time Till the noises resume, Only, they still haven't.   There was light But no  Read More...
Published on Jun 12,2020 06:03 PM
Journey of 100 days
By Nirmala in Poetry | Reads: 234 | Likes: 4
I still Remember,,,,  You held hands with nervous inside,  Comforting with words Which brought a smile in my eyes,  You touched me like the wind and walked away,  I don't know where I stand with you,  I don't know what I mean to you.  Knowing your not mine forever,   Read More...
Published on Jun 12,2020 06:53 PM
By Rayan Bhattacharya in Poetry | Reads: 99 | Likes: 1
This is when you realise, the world is not a merryland. You are not Alice, and neither is the world Wonderland. Fundamental law of nature it is, forever means nothing by this. Nothing lasts forever, be it relations, be it life. For the then kings, now are paupers destined. For every flower has to di  Read More...
Published on Jun 12,2020 09:10 PM
The tireless and selfless trains
By Mousumi Biswas in Poetry | Reads: 127 | Likes: 0
My entry for the 3rd  phase of the  contest Over  the rocky terrains , Across the sandy deserts, Along the  blue crystal streams, And along the lush green fields, Running across North to South, And East to West The train never seems to rest Except when it halts at the station Wh  Read More...
Published on Jun 12,2020 11:11 PM
Women of the society
By Kajol Pandey in Poetry | Reads: 87 | Likes: 1
Shush your mouth, Don't give ideas,  Oh just stop talking about equality all the time.    Be modest, be elegant, Be soft spoken,  Oh and don't forget to be gentle all the time.     No, don't ask for an equal pay,  Don't ask for an equal opportunity, Oh just st  Read More...
Published on Jun 12,2020 11:39 PM
Domestic violence
By siddhee agarwal in Poetry | Reads: 109 | Likes: 0
He pulls my hair He slaps my face He kicks me on the floor with a small baby on my womb Whose heart hasn't even developed yet There's blood all over my body Dropping in the floor  With Each drop pleading to leave me Everything hurts deeply I made him mad So he does this with me Asking why? I wo  Read More...
Published on Jun 12,2020 11:53 PM
A Letter to Future Generation lovers
By Amoli Bhardwaj in Poetry | Reads: 93 | Likes: 0
We were born in a generation when technology had not suffocated the essence of love.  When calling each other five times a day was not necessary and an eleven rupee SMS pack had more excitement in it than a 1.5 GB/day data pack. When just one message in days could bring that instant blush on yo  Read More...
Published on Jun 13,2020 12:21 AM
To Those Silently Suffering People
By Fathima Hiba Rafeeque in Poetry | Reads: 84 | Likes: 0
To those silently suffering people, Behind the four valves of heart, I know you bleed profusely, As the day comes to an end, When  life chokes you to dead end, Don't forget to be alive, For a new dawn awaits you, Where joy'll finally meet its long lost soul, To reunite and be happy again. Till  Read More...
Published on Jun 13,2020 12:22 AM
Dil ki baat
By Kiara in Poetry | Reads: 128 | Likes: 0
Dil Mae do baate hai kehna Chahta Hu... Zindagi yuhi kat ti ja rahi hai.. Kya sukh hai, kya gum hai, Bus samaj nai paa rai hai...(2) Khawabo ke piche bhaagta jaa raha Hu, Khawabo ke piche bhaagta jaa raha Hu, Bus pata nai kis disha Mae ja raha Hu. Manzil ko paane ki aasha rakhta Hu, Manzil ko paane  Read More...
Published on Jun 13,2020 12:49 AM
Waiting at the Metro
By Anuradha Ghosh in Poetry | Reads: 80 | Likes: 0
It was forbidden for them to meet.  So they met at the metro stations,  In that thronging crowd.  They boarded the same metro,  And she went all the way to his stop,  For those precious 20 minutes with him.  And he waited at her stop every morning.  “Beena  Read More...
Published on Jun 13,2020 01:17 AM
Rocks and boulders
By Arvind in Poetry | Reads: 289 | Likes: 3
Life is full of adventures and obstacles Full of tragedies and miracles When we ride down the path to a glorious end We meet someone who will be our forever friend When we climb up the mountain to reach the top We upset a rock causing a landslide to flop The gears of the clock are always turning As   Read More...
Published on Jun 13,2020 07:06 AM
Bright morning
By Vaishnavi in Poetry | Reads: 269 | Likes: 2
As i wake up, And have my morning cup, I feel the rush of blood, Like a new winsome bud. I cherish the fresh air, As it messes over with my hair. The environment smells new, The leaves greener with dew. The sky, on it's best show, The flowers have an extra glow. Everything so good, Adding on to your  Read More...
Published on Jun 13,2020 09:18 AM