By reenasha in Poetry | Reads: 269 | Likes: 0
Emigrate out of the claustrophobic cage- ’cause You’re not a slave anymore Break down the chains tied to your legs and hands- ’cause You’re not a prisoner anymore Open up the pent up anger and rage- ’cause You’re not a spectator anymore Spread your wings and fly b  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 07:11 PM
By Debarati Nandan in Poetry | Reads: 116 | Likes: 1
While the World is learning to cope with fear, God has taken control of the steer. The melody of birds and the rattling trees, Welcomes Spring with the passing breeze. An unknown silence is in this air, Peaceful calmness fills the atmosphere. Noone to disturb this blissful gathering, Nature can now   Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 07:19 PM
By ??????? ????? in Poetry | Reads: 342 | Likes: 1
                                        அம்மா அம்மா என்னை ஈன்றவளே ஆசைதீர கட்டி அணைத்தவளே அப்பா  
Published on Mar 25,2020 07:19 PM
दिल की बात उस से कह न सके
By Ashu Choudhary ''Ashutosh in Poetry | Reads: 130 | Likes: 1
कभी लोगों के आस्तीन में था जो अब हवाओं में छुपा वो खंजर है बड़ा खौफनाक ये मंज़र है मलाल बस इस बात का है 'आशु' दिल की बात  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 07:28 PM
By Kshitij Kapur in Poetry | Reads: 104 | Likes: 0
Peer through these windows of mine Glimpse a world where bedtime is half past nine Suffer a joy or two, none of which may ever last But the wounds shall forever sting, of both present and past Encounter a world of innocent follies And chocolate laced dreams, of candies and iced lollies Where one sle  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 07:30 PM
By Aquib Javed in Poetry | Reads: 189 | Likes: 1
Jo  rakhte hai bharosa apne rab ki zaat pe.. Vo bikharte nahi kabi kitni b badi baat pe.. Housle hmare past ho Gaye is guman me na rehna Kabu rakhna jante hai hum apne jazbaat pe Log dis se dar k ladna chod dete.. Ye jugnu has padta hai us siyah raat pe.. Ye tanhaiyan ab use kya sataygin.. Jo y  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 07:47 PM
The Redeeming Rain
By Vardhan in Poetry | Reads: 555 | Likes: 39
Huddled beneath a winding arch,  Staring at the endless downpour; Pouring heaven, pouring skies, Pouring heart, pouring lies; Lies, stirrer of debates, yet employed by all, Truth, bitter-sweet, shunned, after all; Drenched through and through,  Drenched with pain, with disgust, Shamelessl  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 07:52 PM
A collection of my mind, in mixed poems
By Shivika Anand in Poetry | Reads: 282 | Likes: 11
The words have slipped away from her lips,  her heart has regained  its composure, though  not completely because now what she fears most  is the reply The sun has slept awakening millions of stars their everlasting charm makes the flowers conscious, so they wait for a new day  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 07:52 PM
कुछ हौसले...
By Franklina Gudipati in Poetry | Reads: 208 | Likes: 2
                कुछ हौसले......  ये हौसले है आबाद के  जब रंजिशें है आजाद के मुसकान थी सीने में जली,  झलक थी जी  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 08:21 PM
By Aarthi Jayaprakash in Poetry | Reads: 101 | Likes: 0
This weight is not easily lifted A nagging ache, an unknown fear What will or will not happen? Not knowing is both bliss and curse So hold on to what you know Your worth in forged memories Your purpose in a hopeful future There's more to life than we know Stay in faith till then The ache shall sleep  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 08:56 PM
Why do we even love?
By vedanti khanna in Poetry | Reads: 118 | Likes: 0
why do we even love?  When it has always been about falling, falling and falling?  When it is all about giving your most essential pieces, the most important parts When it is just an ache without a cure  When the days of its life are so unsure    Maybe because love, is a wor  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 09:22 PM
The portrait of a human-insaan
By vedanti khanna in Poetry | Reads: 123 | Likes: 0
The portrait of a human Insaan   Kya hai insaan?  Yeh qaynat hai,  qaynat ke sabhi mausam hai yeh Kabhi garmi ki khush mizaj dhoop hai  Toh kabhi sard ki barf ka roop hai yeh Kabhi baarish ki boondon ke saath chalti hawaa hai yeh To kabhi garmi aur sardi ke marz ko mita deni vali  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 09:24 PM
The Warrior in You
By Pooja Pathak in Poetry | Reads: 111 | Likes: 0
Maybe you are dwelling in the hardest of times, unable to bury the pain and disappointments, unable to untie yourself from the the darkness of your past, but since you are still dealing with the tough times you will learn on your own how to endure the moments that keeps putting you down, you w  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 09:32 PM
Safety fight with Corona
By ANJALI SWAMY in Poetry | Reads: 145 | Likes: 1
कोरोना कोरोना कोरोना हाथ किसी से मिलाओ ना नमस्ते को स्वीकार करोना हर 20 मिनट में 20 सेकंड तक हाथ को धो डालो ना मुँह पर म  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 09:43 PM
From a drop of tear..
By Surya K (Lekha) in Poetry | Reads: 253 | Likes: 1
Love started receding.. And one day love ceased to exist.. l started believing that it is no longer my heart.. The beginning of self-destruction was that defying of myself to me.. My heart was an ocean connected with numerous  other oceans where dolphins smiled and sun dived deep into me.. Sun   Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 10:08 PM