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By Alisha in General Literary | Reads: 175 | Likes: 1
  He slammed the door shut and threw himself on the bed, raging with hurt anger. Steven had never felt so angry before. This was anger dominated by pain. Who were they to tell him what he should and shouldn't do? How could they determine his life? Seventeen-year-old Steven lay agonized, his cu  Read More...
Published on May 28,2020 12:51 PM
Unapologetically Me
By Mitisha Mavani in General Literary | Reads: 81 | Likes: 1
I always very strongly believed that I am an unaplogetic person, and that's the kind of person I have been. But maybe, if I give it another thought I may not be. It's scary to think that maybe sometimes how you think of yourself can change so quickly depending upon the people around us.  When I  Read More...
Published on May 28,2020 12:58 PM
By ayushi mishra in General Literary | Reads: 85 | Likes: 1
Judging a book from it's cover , is a mistake -accepted!! It's important to have faith & believe in ourselves , because professional world ka rule no.-263 - if you can't speak up don't expect to be heard!! #selfbelief is important chap!! I've also learned these day's -'accept the unexpected' , i  Read More...
Published on May 28,2020 01:24 PM
That refreshing cup of coffee!
By Ayushi Bhatnagar in General Literary | Reads: 282 | Likes: 2
Lightning, thunderstorms and the brisk air that whisked-away her only shelter. Running after her umbrella completely deprived of sanity, she screamed in frustration. Okay! Now you’ll also betray me! Fine, go.       It was not only about the rain and umbrella that Lavanya   Read More...
Published on May 28,2020 09:41 PM
By PETER PARKER in General Literary | Reads: 211 | Likes: 0
As per promise, they both were use to meet on the same place, that corner bench of the park. One showed up but the other one didn't. And once again it started raining, sid who showed up, his heart was distorted he started crying and then he heard a voice, of the another person aqsa, with whom sid wa  Read More...
Published on May 28,2020 11:38 PM
The Lockdown Edition
By Mansi Bhanushali in General Literary | Reads: 87 | Likes: 0
Do you hear the silence outside? Does it resonate with the tune within? Can you tell the difference between night and day? Because recently they have been apart by a line very thin. Do you wake up early to the sound of birds chirping? Do you start fresh every morning? Or just can't fall asleep, coz  Read More...
Published on May 29,2020 12:19 AM
Visiting Hours :)
By Palak Agarwal in General Literary | Reads: 88 | Likes: 1
She saw through the dark, clearing all the colourless smoke that covered the view. She walked past the ill, her feet cold. Her face, as one would say, was calm but she was afraid. She kept walking until she reached the white door. All the strength she had been gathering seemed to go down in vain. Sh  Read More...
Published on May 29,2020 01:45 PM
Days And Nights
By Richa in General Literary | Reads: 99 | Likes: 1
Today, Raju's Mother lost her fight to cancer and died in the evening at 6 pm on his arms. Her last wish was to meet Raju and he made it for her.  ------------------10 days ago------------------ Raju got a call from his neighbour "birju" while he was home quarantine in delhi, where he was wor  Read More...
Published on May 29,2020 06:30 PM
You Only Live Once
By Hiral Gogri in General Literary | Reads: 92 | Likes: 0
Today… “One needs to respect one’s life. Go and work harder each day towards the goal that you have set. Keep reminding yourself about the dedication that got you so far, and persevere for your best. Your family is the most important part of your life, and only your family will te  Read More...
Published on May 30,2020 12:10 AM
By parul in General Literary | Reads: 241 | Likes: 9
WHEN SHE SPEAKS…   My low moan woke her up from her deep sleep, which she got after unusual long hours of work. I have always seen her too busy, most of the times just grabbing stuff in the house and moving them one place from another. I have no idea what would happen if everything hasn&  Read More...
Published on May 30,2020 01:58 AM
Struggle is life
By Manisha Gaikwad in General Literary | Reads: 198 | Likes: 1
Girl living in small village. She was very innocent . when she was teenager she saw a dream which is impossible for her during that time she was sick  She has typhoid .and she afraid now how she fulfill her dream .she became mad  Her parents took her in mentality but her will power is stro  Read More...
Published on May 30,2020 05:12 AM
गाँव में गोबर से लिपे हुए आँगन में एक 25-26 साल की औरत मैली धोती पहने हुए जमीन पर बैठी दाल साफ़ कर रही थी।सामने ही ठकुराइ  Read More...
Published on May 30,2020 08:43 AM
The real income
By Jaydeep Das in General Literary | Reads: 88 | Likes: 1
Ajay a middle age person was a sucessfull industrialist . He was living a happy life with his small family . One day He suddenlu died due to heart attack . When he opened his eye after death . He was at a place were every corner was covered by clouds and he was having a suitcase.  He asked what  Read More...
Published on May 30,2020 09:58 AM
Writings- A journey from vision to reality!!!
By Mehek Fathima in General Literary | Reads: 84 | Likes: 0
With all observations, inspirations and aspirations Writings are the cheesy ways to reach someone's heart, Oh, darling! It's a fact, no denying that.. With all the metaphors to play and  The unheard voice to say, It's a world filled with images and imaginations, From jumbling to sequencing, Fro  Read More...
Published on May 30,2020 10:13 AM
I Am Dog
By Rajiv Choudhary in General Literary | Reads: 123 | Likes: 0
I remember when I was in fourth grade, my dad gives me and my little sister 1 rupee each.We rushed to the nearest candy shop.I asked for my favorite candy But she! She didn’t order anything cause of her favorite candycosts 2 rupees. So, I returned my candy and bought chocolate for her.I did n  Read More...
Published on May 30,2020 03:14 PM