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10 seconds in my head
By Nisha in General Literary | Reads: 128 | Likes: 1
It's 2020. A pandemic is at it's peak. The world is about to face an apocalypse. World wars may erupt. And I am sitting here drowning in all my terrible mistakes. I'm just 17. Just 17. But the pain I caused in people is irreparable, irreversible and achening. Do I really deserve to be alive? The wor  Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 12:03 PM
By Kapilendra Das in General Literary | Reads: 915 | Likes: 10
INDEPENDENT - BUT LIVING IN FEARS AND TEARS KAPILENDRA DAS   Architect of the constitution of India, Historian, Philosopher, Economist, Professor, Jurist, Emancipator, crusader, socialist, Rationalist and Indian Nationalist, and so on Dr. B. R. Ambedkar: quotes “Freedom of mind is the rea  Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 12:40 PM
Being kind is to be human
By Blessy in General Literary | Reads: 163 | Likes: 0
It is snowing heavily. I run and take shelter under a thin sheet on the other side of the road. There are three other people already taking shelter under the sheet. They are not too pleased to see me because the sheet is not very broad to accommodate all of us but still they adjust. It is late in th  Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 04:14 PM
By NSK Raju in General Literary | Reads: 177 | Likes: 0
ALVIDA COVID-19 Oh Coronavirus! You manifested a pandemic disease and became the woe of the mankind.  You engulfed the whole world and became busy in performing the dance of destruction. The panic-stricken people of the world are dumb founded. You halted the march of the human progress. you ar  Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 01:30 PM
Two realities in satire .
By vaibhi narang in General Literary | Reads: 434 | Likes: 4
The family was at home . Everyone together, after the years of hassling to fulfill the wants and needs of life .Music player for the leisure and to make most to pass the time , kitchens stuffed with food more than it ever witnessed on the arrival of gaudy guests in lifetime. Everything was done righ  Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 01:43 PM
Finding my out!
By Atom in General Literary | Reads: 106 | Likes: 0
You know there are times in life when you feel all dark and lost even when there is nothing wrong. If you don't know, great. The one who does, It's okay.  So all fucked up I decided to get a break. But if you really want something you kinda need to pump up your stress level hard to enjoy the ul  Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 01:55 PM
The 8th Day - Part II
By Unnati Kotecha in General Literary | Reads: 181 | Likes: 1
That night, I replayed the tape from our meeting on my mind over and over again. It was the moment.I was hoping that I'd move a step closer to what I wanted,and like every other thing,this time too I'll get it. The laws of which I knew so little were visibly working before me. The ambience added to   Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 02:44 PM
By Rohan Katakam in General Literary | Reads: 105 | Likes: 1
Happiness is not about what we showcase outside, it's all about the joy, we feel inside.   Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 06:08 PM
By Archhana Srivastva in General Literary | Reads: 183 | Likes: 1
Aazaadi   Aazadi sirf ek shabd  nahi hai , chaho to ese ehsaas kah lijiye ya apni khushi ka ek zariya ya koi aur naam de dijiye.   Shabd kam pad jayenge bas ek eska matlab batane me.kyonki har ek ke liye eska ek naya hi matlab hai.   Mere liye aazaadi sab kuch hai.main har maayn  Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 06:25 PM
குருவிக் கூடு
By S.Neelacantan in General Literary | Reads: 1,508 | Likes: 8
குருவிக் கூடு குமரி எஸ். நீலகண்டன்               திடீர்னு வந்து வீட்டுக்காரர் சொன்னார். வீட்டைக்   Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 06:39 PM
The flash back.
By Ruqaiya in General Literary | Reads: 428 | Likes: 4
The cat with the utmost patience, to glance at her mistress was sitting on her royal mat. As soon as her mistress pirouetted in, she lifted her in her soft hands and ran her fingers through her furry body. With intense love and care she looked at her and excitedly said, “Oh Snow white! Today i  Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 08:39 PM
Positive Life - A Psychological Perspective
By Heymonth Kumar in General Literary | Reads: 212 | Likes: 1
Quotes for Life: 1. "When you see positives in everyone, No one will be your enemy. When you see negatives in everyone, No one will be your friend." 2. "Choose me if you have any choice, Take me if you don't have any choice. Because, I'm always yours." 3. "Your age is just a number,  When bo  Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 09:24 PM
YOU never go out of style!
By prajwal in General Literary | Reads: 121 | Likes: 0
Dear YOU, Do you remember the last time you were you? No, because you were so busy being  A good daughter A hard working lady A perfect wife A loving mother A responsible person, Where is the real YOU? The childish girl who lived on Park Street avenue, Rode Harley Davidson, Came late at night d  Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 09:27 PM
Our Biggest Mistake
By Dhanya Panicker in General Literary | Reads: 113 | Likes: 0
I think there still is a whole lot of magic in this world.There always has been.It's just that at this point we can't seem to take credit for it anymore;call it our own;claim ownership over all things beautiful the way we so casually used to.It seems to me like it is high time we learn to live and l  Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 09:47 PM
By Niharika in General Literary | Reads: 120 | Likes: 0
Why do we take pride in saying "you don't know me" Why do we have so many impenetrable walls? Because it's difficult to trust?  Because you've been hurt earlier? Because it tore you apart? But didn't you come out stronger? And yet you've only learnt to emotionally shut down than open up? Being   Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 11:05 PM